grow gills

divewear slogan grow gillsWhy do they call it planet Earth when 70% of its surface is covered by water? When will Man grow gills and be able to enjoy the world in all its fullness?

There’s a fascinating sub world to explore and discover on the blue planet with fantastic surprises to unravel. Privileged the ones who can be part of it and are able to enjoy its 100%.
Sailing through its surface or getting adventurous through its depths, there’s a huge will to grow gills to explore the aquatic world and discover all its wonders.

For all of those who feel like a fish out of water, grow gills was created so that this magic world can live with you on a daily basis. If on one hand the reality of a gilled body prevents you from living in the water, on the other this dream will always live with you. And it’s this dream common to every ocean lover, lover of the underwater nature and of the beauty of all that lives in it that grow gills represents.

grow gills isn’t just another garment, it’s a second skin, a will to explore the world as a whole, a will to grow gills and discover that wet world. It’s an identity, a way of life, a life philosophy!

70% of the planet is covered by water. Stick to your 30% or grow gills!

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